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Miss me? I missed you, too!

August 18, 2010 1 comment

Hello, Celebrate Holiday readers!

I must apologize for the severe lack of blogs in the past few months. There have obviously been many holidays worth celebrating, including the patriotic holidays Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.

Due to a change in job for my husband, we’ve been house hunting, I’ve been packing up my family and moving back to the Bay Area from San Diego, changing up my work schedule, and helping everyone get into their new schools or jobs, respectively.

So, I’ve been a little busy!

But I am also on the lookout for a new job in marketing copywriting and social media, and so keeping up with this blog is a vital part of that task.

Prepare for some awesome blog posts in the very near future.

Until then, I remain,

Your friend on the web,

Pls Help: SUPER QUICK survey for 6th grade math project

Hello, please click this link to take this SUPER QUICK survey (only 2
questions!) to help Miles with a math project.

Thank you very much!

*Michelle (Miles’s mom)

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Top 5 Reasons Why I’d Prefer My Anniversary Not To Fall on Easter Sunday

Hello, Celebrate Holiday readers!

As you may have guessed, today, Easter Sunday, also happens to be my
anniversary this year. Lucky me, I have been happily married for
twelve years now. And having your anniversary fall on Easter Sunday
every so often is one of the risks of getting married late in Lent, I
suppose. However, I have to say I am not a fan of sharing my day big
day with Jesus & that Bunny. I guess this is what it feels like every
year for folks whose birthdays are on Christmas. Boo!

So, without further delay let me present to you the top five reasons
why I’d prefer my anniversary NOT fall on Easter Sunday:

5. I’d rather not have my day encumbered by the numerous FAMILY
obligations. (Still, I do wish my Aunt a Happy Birthday & it was a
good party!)
4. I’d rather not have my day encumbered by the numerous CHURCH
obligations. (this is not as fun as other things I could do.)
3. Avoiding crazy Spring Break people crowding all the nice tourist
spots! (we can’t go anywhere!)
2. Avoiding Easter people crowding all the nice restaurants! (now we
have to cook!)
1. Having to play the Bunny when all the presents are supposed to be
coming my way! (I’m selfish, I know.)

Thanks for putting up with this whiny post. Would you believe most of
the above reasons actually came from my husband? It’s good to know we
still are seeing eye-to-eye, after all these years. Phew!

Thanks for visiting! Happy Easter, everyone!

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I’m Waffling on the Feast of the Annunciation!

March 25, 2010 1 comment
Hello, my dear Celebrate Holiday readers!

The Crawford domicile has been very busy of late and I am afraid I have left you with nothing to celebrate for far too long.

So let's get right to it:

Today, March 25th we have a harmonious mix of holidays for which I have a perfectly coordinated way to celebrate both.

It is International Waffle Day (not to be confused with Waffle Day traditionally celebrated on August 24th and only in America) and the Feast of the Annunciation, a Holy Day of Obligation (translation- we go to church). This is the day we Catholics believe the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her she would conceive the Son of God- coincidentally nine months before, you guessed it: Christmas. We Catholics know our gestation periods, all right!

So, what can you do to celebrate both? Well, if you are like me, you will do anything that involves eating, and then you'll feel guilty- the perfect reason to go to Mass! Eat waffles, then go to Mass. If you walk to church, you might even burn off some of those syrup calories!

Here's an even bigger debate- should you go to the "International" House of Pancakes to eat your waffles? It is, after all "International". Hmm…

I will be eating at Denny's, however, enjoying their Belgian Waffle Platter, and then attending my church, which is, conveniently, across the street. The main debate is whether to get up early and take my kids there for breakfast before school or waiting until they are gone before heading out leisurely by myself at a decent hour…. I'm sure God will understand. And besides, it's things like that that Confession is for.

Notice how I have focused on eating your waffles out? Yes, after my last, rather cooking-heavy post, I have grown slightly tired of the kitchen drudgery and am simply not Martha Stewart enough to prepare any of her delicious-sounding homemade waffle recipes before I go celebrate God knocking up the Virgin Mary without even having to have SEX with her for goodness' sake. Wow, God, what a gyp.

Well, I better go to bed before I go to h-e-double hockey sticks!

Good luck, and goodnight!

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National Regifting Day: Be Eco-chic & Cents-sible! Or just save money!

December 17, 2009 Leave a comment

Hi Folks, today is the day to take your old gifts and thoughtfully regift them to friends, family, and co-workers.

Recieve Reject Regift t-shirt

Recieve Reject Regift t-shirt - buy yours for yourslef or AS A GIFT (haha!) at!

An idea which has been in turn reviled and respected, most scrappy gift givers have either done it or been tempted to do it. And you have to admit we respect those friends of ours who successfully re-gift.

Today is your day to be totally justified, but the most important thing might be that it be thoughtful.

Personally, I’m guilty of just grabbing a bottle of wine for any event I’m headed off to…completely disregarding if maybe someone else gave that bottle to me!

Need some helpful hints about regifting, check out & read tips and tricks to re-gift with style!

International Stuttering Awareness Day

What do James Earl Jones, Marilyn Monroe, Winston Churchill, and Carly Simon have in common? Or Even Tiger Woods, Emily Blunt, and Bruce Willis?

Well, fame, and something much less obvious- stuttering. Today is International Stuttering Awareness Day, always celebrated on October 22nd.



Even my new favorite Charger Darren Sproles is someone who has had a stutter. He,  along with many other famous and talented people have had a stutter and are featured on the Celebrity Corner of The Stuttering Foundation’s website.

Stuttering, also referred to as stammering, is a communication disorder that affects the speech of over 3 million Americans, probably more than 1% of all people worldwide.

Apparently nine times out of ten, addressing this disorder in childhood can help a child to grow up to speak fluently as an adult. The cause of stammering needs more research so that more effective therapies can be developed. Which is why International Stuttering Awareness Day supporters want to raise both awareness and funds.

Listen to the eloquent speech on what it is like to stammer by Leys Geddes, chair of the on The Stuttering Student’s Blog. He notes that over 10 million pounds a year are raised to help abused donkeys, while only 1 million pounds  are donated to help research & develop therapies for people who stammer.

I have a friend at work who has a stutter.  She’s pretty awesome and funny, with the greatest funky style, and an amazing work ethic.  When I am talking with her,  I have to be patient sometimes and there is occasionally this urge to finish her sentence.  Of course, that is the totally wrong thing to do because she usually says clever things that I wouldn’t think of.  Plus, it’s rude.

Grateful to Be Alive

September 3, 2009 4 comments

Hello friends, this is just going to be a short note to let you know that Celebrate Holiday will be on the back burner for a while as I recover from a major car accident I was in last Saturday.  When I promised to take the Gratitude Challenge seriously, I never thought for one instant how serious it might become.

I was driving down to move to San Diego on Saturday in my Mazda 5 with my husband in his car in front and me following in the back (with 2 weeks of necessities and our two pet Maine Coon cats) .  As we passed Casa de Fruta and neared Dinosaur Point Road, I found myself straying into the center median and so I tried to swerve back into place in the left lane. Unfortunately, my car began spinning out of control across the center median and into the oncoming traffic on the westbound side. According to witnesses on the scene, my car spun into the westbound side shoulder and then flipped over onto its roof, then onto its wheels in the tall, dry grass.  My husband suspects that my car’s exhaust system ignited the grass which then ignited the car.

 If you were watching the news in Northern California, you may have seen the large brush fire on Highway 152 in Gilroy called the Pacheco Pass fire that was started by my accident. I sustained a small head injury and multiple bruises and muscle aches that are common to vehicular accident survivors and am recovering comfortably with my family in my new residence in San Diego.  Durning the accident, we lost one of our cats for one day, but he was miraculously found uninjured and rescued by his breeder and the CDF while the other had to got to the verterinarian with cut and blistered paws. It was a very scary accident, but through the goodness of strangers, the help of others, and God’s grace we are here to live and give thanks for another day.

My family and I are grateful to the many people who helped me during this scary and dangerous moment  for their courage, kindness, goodness, and skill.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to:

My new biker friends Scott, Mick, and Stephanie for stopping, pulling me out of my burning car, giving my head wound first aid, and staying with me, my husband and my cat until the EMTs and CDF arrived on the scene. You and your friends are good people and were my angels that day. Big, bad bikers are the best!

Will, Paul, and the entire  CDF of Pacheco Pass for your amazingly quick response, stabilizing me and putting me in the ambulance.  Thank you for assisting Jeff in finding our cat Noche and returning him safely to us! Thank you and all the other 300+ CDF firefighters who came for fighting the fire in Pacheco Pass and keeping it safe for all of us.

Jim and my ambulance driver for caring for my injuries, calming me, and transporting me safely to the hospital. Just FYI, we took the 101 to Paso Robles down on Monday.

Dr. Tavakol, Belinda, Todd, Vicki, Andrea, and the rest of the wonderful Emergency Room staff at Saint Louise hospital in Gilroy for caring for me, evaluating my injuries, and treating me with skill, professionalism, and genuine kindness.

Jeff and Marilyn Bryant of Windwalker Maine Coons in Sacramento for doing an amazing search and rescue for our cat Noche and returning him so safely and swiftly to us on Sunday.

The caring and expert staff at the Emergency Animal Clinic of San Jose for treating our cat Max during such a difficult situation.

All my friends & the Marketing Team at Tiny Prints and my husband’s company Aerohive for your well wishes, understanding, and support.

To Sus & my GFs at TP for all the love &  “necessities”.

To my family and especially my beloved husband for everything.

All my love,


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