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Top 5 Reasons Why I’d Prefer My Anniversary Not To Fall on Easter Sunday

Hello, Celebrate Holiday readers!

As you may have guessed, today, Easter Sunday, also happens to be my
anniversary this year. Lucky me, I have been happily married for
twelve years now. And having your anniversary fall on Easter Sunday
every so often is one of the risks of getting married late in Lent, I
suppose. However, I have to say I am not a fan of sharing my day big
day with Jesus & that Bunny. I guess this is what it feels like every
year for folks whose birthdays are on Christmas. Boo!

So, without further delay let me present to you the top five reasons
why I’d prefer my anniversary NOT fall on Easter Sunday:

5. I’d rather not have my day encumbered by the numerous FAMILY
obligations. (Still, I do wish my Aunt a Happy Birthday & it was a
good party!)
4. I’d rather not have my day encumbered by the numerous CHURCH
obligations. (this is not as fun as other things I could do.)
3. Avoiding crazy Spring Break people crowding all the nice tourist
spots! (we can’t go anywhere!)
2. Avoiding Easter people crowding all the nice restaurants! (now we
have to cook!)
1. Having to play the Bunny when all the presents are supposed to be
coming my way! (I’m selfish, I know.)

Thanks for putting up with this whiny post. Would you believe most of
the above reasons actually came from my husband? It’s good to know we
still are seeing eye-to-eye, after all these years. Phew!

Thanks for visiting! Happy Easter, everyone!

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