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Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Opens Tonight!

Tonight, “With Glowing Hearts”, we will witness the Opening Ceremony of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games! I am thrilled to have had the pleasure of visiting this beautiful city last summer and cannot wait to see the Opening Ceremony on television tonight (NBC, 7:30 PM PST for me).

Watching the Olympic Games has always been emotional for me. I am always affected by the cultural inspiration & spectacle of the host city.


2010 Vancouver Olympics logo from Business Week "Hot Property" post by Dan Foust

I love the torch relay and the final lighting of the cauldron usually brings me to tears!  Seeing representative athletes from each country also can move me, especially since they each have their compelling stories to tell.  Of course, my national pride comes out completely when the USA enters the stadium!

It is an inspirational moment in time, when the most dedicated athletes from every nation have an opportunity to come together, compete, and make new friends. It is a time of great national pride for virtually every citizen on the planet. We are amazed by the achievements of these athletes, by the graciousness of the host city, and by the spirit of friendship and tolerance that inspires the games.

It is going to be an exciting few weeks! GO TEAM USA!

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