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Toss up: Fun at Work Day or Kazoo Day?

Frankly, I am at odds with my holiday celebration options for today, friends. But I think you don’t have to be if you are flexible in your definition of “fun”.  More on that later: first let’s check out the contenders-

In the red corner, wearing the black suit, weighing in at some very serious poundage, it’s Fun at Work Day!

And in the blue corner, wearing the plastic mini, weighing in at a mere few ounces, it’s Kazoo Day!

Who will be the winner of this match-up of the holidays?

Ok, here’s my solution: Combine them for Fun at Work Day with Kazoos! Seriously, you will have a blast, playing the kazoo at work. And so will all your friends! Perhaps you can play in a kazoo band in your office:

Hey, I am not the only one to think of this and I can prove it. If you would be ever so kind, visit Mike and Matt at their music blog “The Ear Farm” and read not only their recommendation to combine the days, but also their Top Eleven Picks of Songs that Feature the Kazoo.

It will blow your mind! And then you can blow your kazoo!

Kazoo for national instrument campaign
Stock up on kazoo’s for work at Kazoobie’s- http://www.kazoos.com & join their campaign to make Kazoos America’s National Instrument!
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