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Isn’t it grand? Irish Coffee Day!

Well, yesterday was beer cans and today is Irish coffee. It’s feeling wee bit Irish ’round Celebrate Holiday of late!  I am giggling 🙂

Irish Coffee is an exotic libation that is built to confuse the central nervous system: Drink a glass and let the coffee give you the jitters whilst the whiskey relaxes your nerves. At any rate, today on Irish Coffee Day you’d have perfect timing to enjoy a taste.

Tullamore Dew Irish Coffee by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

Tullamore Dew Irish Coffee by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

Irish coffee is made by adding a jigger of good Irish Whiskey such as Jameson or Bushmill’s or Tullamore Dew to a cup of hot coffee and topping it off with a bit of  soft whipped cream. Many folks like to substitute “cream” for the whiskey- meaning an Irish cream liquor such as Carolan’s or Baileys.

Now, Irish Coffee is nice and I’m not saying the Irish don’t like it, but it’s often on the pub menu for “blow-ins” (tourists) like myself and probably you.

So, it’s lucky for you I’ve been to have had the chance to visit  beautiful, green Eire for a month or four.  If you’re wantin’ to quench your thirst in the local brogue, let me expand your vocabulary by few Irish beverage-related terms:

cuppa = hot tea, usually sweet, can also called cuppa tea or sweet tea: “come in for a cuppa”

whiskey = what you’d call Scotch, also referred to as the “Irish”: “give us a drop of the Irish, now”

coffee, white = coffee with cream and sugar, I’d say the most popular way to order coffee at all the posh Irish coffee  shops. “I’ll take a coffee, white, please”

pint = a beer, most often a Guinness or the most popular local brew (for example Murphy’s in Cork) , although you could say ‘a pint, plain’ to specify a Guinness also.  Irish folks love their beer though, and have a huge selection of local beers, imports, and ciders  (I like Bulmers/Magners) on draft or in bottles. “I’ll have a pint of plain, thanks”

glass = half-pint of the above.

mineral = sometimes used to refer to soft drinks. “What ya got for minerals?”

And the most important vocabulary word of all: Slainte! = “slan-cha”, the most common toast, literally meaning “health!”

Got any more? Think my list is “bang-on” or a pile of “shite”? Let me know!

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