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It’s (not quite exactly- see update!) National Chicken Lady Day!

This was too good to pass up!

I came across this obscure holiday whilst doing my other work and had to take a minute to post an homage to The Chicken Lady in honor of her day, today, November 4th!

Dr. Marthenia “Tina” Dupree, affectionately named”The Chicken Lady” after serving 12 years as the Director of Community Relations and Training for a major fast food chain. In addition, she was honored by President Bush when he proclaimed November 4th as “National Chicken Lady Day!” to recognize Dr. Dupree’s  many efforts to raise the level of education in her community.

President Bush and Dr. Dupree  The Chicken Lady in the Oval Office

President Bush and Dr. Dupree The Chicken Lady in the Oval Office

Dr. Dupree’s nickname  is not to be confused with the character “Chicken Lady” made famous by the comedic efforts of Mark McKinney on the tv shows The Kids in the Hall and SNL.  However I am fairly sure it is.

**UPDATE** I sent an email to Dr. Dupree to let her know I posted this on my blog and she emailed me right back. Apparently, I am one of over 1,000 people to reach out to her today.

Dr. Dupree said that while President Bush did welcome her to the Oval Office, November4th was not actually declared a national holiday by him in her name.

However, so many people believe in her and her message has spread so far that she has since submitted it for inclusion in Chase’s Calendar of events!

Watch her on video here: