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Belated Happy Birthday in honor of Emily Post

In doing my research for today’s Celebrate Holiday post, I came across an article that claimed that today, October 30th was the anniversary of Emily Post’s birth. Upon further research (you didn’t think I double checked this stuff did you?) I confirmed that her birthday was actually on October 27th and so today I dedicate this post to honoring her birth belatedly.

emily post institute

click here to visit the Emily Post Institute's website

If you didn’t already know, Emily Post’s name is now synonymous with proper etiquette and courteous manners.   Many of Emily’s descendants continue her legacy in the 50 years since Emily’s death in 1960. They write books, magazine articles, blogs, and run the Emily Post Institute.

We at Tiny Prints, and especially for Wedding Paper Divas, take etiquette for our stationery very seriously. Many of Emily Post’s and her family’s books are regularly referenced in our pursuit to ensure perfection for our customer’s invitations and announcements.

As a mother to two young boys and a former preschool teacher, I truly believe that good manners are a gift we must give to our children.

Knowing common courtesy helps people feel comfortable moving and working in the world with others.

So much of our stress and awkwardness  in our lives comes from not knowing what to do or how to act in daily situations- manners and courtesy can relieve that tension.

So here’s to a lifetime of working towards good manners for all and a legacy of great courtesy. Thank you, Emily.

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