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International Stuttering Awareness Day

What do James Earl Jones, Marilyn Monroe, Winston Churchill, and Carly Simon have in common? Or Even Tiger Woods, Emily Blunt, and Bruce Willis?

Well, fame, and something much less obvious- stuttering. Today is International Stuttering Awareness Day, always celebrated on October 22nd.

from manpreetstammers.blogspot.com

from manpreetstammers.blogspot.com

Even my new favorite Charger Darren Sproles is someone who has had a stutter. He,  along with many other famous and talented people have had a stutter and are featured on the Celebrity Corner of The Stuttering Foundation’s website.

Stuttering, also referred to as stammering, is a communication disorder that affects the speech of over 3 million Americans, probably more than 1% of all people worldwide.

Apparently nine times out of ten, addressing this disorder in childhood can help a child to grow up to speak fluently as an adult. The cause of stammering needs more research so that more effective therapies can be developed. Which is why International Stuttering Awareness Day supporters want to raise both awareness and funds.

Listen to the eloquent speech on what it is like to stammer by Leys Geddes, chair of the www.stammering.org on The Stuttering Student’s Blog. He notes that over 10 million pounds a year are raised to help abused donkeys, while only 1 million pounds  are donated to help research & develop therapies for people who stammer.

I have a friend at work who has a stutter.  She’s pretty awesome and funny, with the greatest funky style, and an amazing work ethic.  When I am talking with her,  I have to be patient sometimes and there is occasionally this urge to finish her sentence.  Of course, that is the totally wrong thing to do because she usually says clever things that I wouldn’t think of.  Plus, it’s rude.

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