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It’s World Gratitude Day, take The Gratitude Challenge!

World Gratitude Day is today, September 21 and is a fantastic opportunity to adopt an “attitude of gratitude” by taking The Gratitude Challenge by Tiny Prints.

Tiny Prints has put together an amazing 21 day calendar of tasks that invite you to “Take Note, Give Thanks” to help you take note of the brighter side of life. As you may know, I was in second week of the challenge when I had my car accident. Watch this video that my amazing co-workers at Tiny Prints put together of all our experiences taking the Gratitude Challenge: yup, the fire footage and voice -over is me!

Since the accident interrupted my 21 days of gratitude, I have pledged to start again and complete it! The most interesting thing about this experience is how it still lives with me. When I remember how terrifying it was,  it shocks me to realize it could have all turned out so differently. Several people have told me that I must have some important things left to do in this life, that I must be a very blessed person, and that I was so lucky to have so many kind and wonderful people help me that day and since. These are powerful thoughts and have inspired me to feel like my life does have a great purpose, that I am loved & needed, and that I must strive to do my best & live life to the fullest, because it really matters and it could be over in a flash.

I believe that this is true for everyone- and I hope you can feel the same…without needed to survive a terrible accident yourself, of course.

Be your best. Know you are loved. Take note. Give thanks.

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