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Bad Poetry? Oh No-etry!

There once was a day in August

when rhyming was really unjust

on Bad Poetry Day

all the verse we will slay

with poems written to disgust!

give in to your feelings...

give in to your feelings...

So today is Bad Poetry Day, as evidenced by my sad little limerick above.   Once I was given a book of terrible Haiku’s by my husband’s cousin. Guess who found it and now thinks it is hilarious? Yes that’s right, my 8 and ten year old sons! Who also think my blog is hilarious… but I refuse to draw a connection!
Check out more bad poetry at Very Bad Poetry– a site that considers itself the last refuge for the world’s worst poetry.

Are you feeling inspired? Can you feel the bad poetry just bubbling out of you? My comments board is open to your offerings!

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