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Be Thrifty- It’s for a Good Cause!

Happy National Thriftshop Day!

from the New York Times article: For Many, Thrift Shops Are a Wardrobe Essential

from the New York Times article: For Many, Thrift Shops Are a Wardrobe Essential

I like this holiday because I actually like thrift stores.  While I’m not a regular shopper, it never ceases to amaze me what great stuff some people no longer want.  Over the years I have picked up some very good furniture, some new & “gently used” designer clothes, small housewares, and a setting for 8 of fine English china! And that was half-off at the Salvation Army “Moonlight Madness” sale that happened every first Tuesday of the month! Now that same china set is being used by a woman who left her abusive husband and got a new start on life with her young son. I feel good, like I am paying it forward.

Shopping at thrift shops is also a feel good moment for people who like to to be socially conscious shoppers. After all, most are volunteer-run and benefit charitable organizations.

In our struggling economy, more people than ever are striving to save money, and with a boomer generation “downsizing” in droves, many thrift stores are full of frugal finds. Shows like The Antiques Roadshow have never been more popular. My own mother has recently discovered Craigslist and is finding bargain after bargain on stuff she wants that others no longer do.

Do you enjoy thrift store shopping? If not, maybe you should try it today!

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  1. August 17, 2009 at 9:08 pm

    I love this. I was at the Salvation Army store on Saturday to drop off leftovers from our garage sale. We have had success selling some of our snazzier and pricier items via Craigslist, though I haven’t bought from it yet. Our house is on the market and we’ve dons major decluttering. I keep toying with the idea that we’ll furnish our next house via thrift stores. I think it’s budget- and Earth-friendly. My parents just think it’s wacky, though.

    Glad to “meet” you through the Gratitude Challenge!

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