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Rice, Rice Baby!

Today at CelebrateHoliday we give homage to a comfort food for the ages: Rice Pudding!

Eat some, its National Rice Pudding Day!

Eat some, it's National Rice Pudding Day!

Rice pudding is a dessert served around the world, with many countries putting their own special spin on this starchy and creamy concoction. In my Filipino family, I grew up eating a chocolate rice pudding called Champorado as a warm breakfast cereal and a type of baked ground-rice pudding as a snack called Bibingka.

The Spanish eat Arroz Con Leche which is also a baked and creamy pudding featuring lots of cinnamon.  Roz Bil Halib is a traditional North African recipe for a slow-boiled rice pudding flavored with rose water or orange flower water. Kheer is a rich and flavorful Indian pudding that features coconut milk, cardamom, and pistachios.

And that is really just the start. But for me it is the end, because I am starving for…you guessed it. Happy Rice Pudding Day, friends!

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