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Mad Dogs and Mr. President

Please join me in wishing the 44th commander-in-chief  of our nation a very happy 48th birthday today: Happy Birthday, Mr. Obama!

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

Although the president’s birthday is very compelling, I unfortunately am unable to make a whole post out of it. But what I lack in political savvy, I hope I can make up for in charm, wit, and zany saint stories.

Unbelievably, August 4th is not a food holiday nor is it any kind of national holiday. And until we go the way of the Tongan people and declare our President’s birthday a holiday, I fear I am left with having to reach way back to my Catholic roots to bring you the story of Saint Sithney, the patron saint of mad dogs.

According to wikipedia.com, the veneration of  Saint Sithney went like this:

somewhere in Brittany…

GOD: “Sithney, my child, I would ask thee to devote thyself to the patronage of all devout women seeking husbands.”

Sithney: (dissapointed) Oh, my GOD! You can’t possibly expect me to have to deal with the prayers of all those crazy girls wanting good husbands and nice clothes and whatever else girls like that want! I’d rather bless mad dogs and get some rest.”

GOD: “Fine. Be that way.”


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