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Mommy, Daddy- wake up! It’s National Cheesecake Day!

Join me, friends, in a collective: YUM! It is almost like “Ohm”, but much more delicious! Because today, July 30th, is really and truly National Cheesecake Day, the day we are honor-bound by our national pride to indulge in the luscious and rich dessert we all crave: cheesecake!

one word: yum!

one word: yum!

And how, you ask, do we celebrate this amazing holiday?

Do we debate on choosing the dense and rich New York style vs. light and creamy Philadelphia style?

Shall we compare our favorite fruit, nut, and syrupy toppings or discuss at length the best swirly, sweet, and colorful  fillings?

Or do we explore in-depth the merits of baking verses refrigerating, chocolate cookie crust versus graham cracker, or indulge in a cheesecake cocktail concoction …?

Enough, of course we don’t talk- we EAT!

And to help us do that our friends at The Cheesecake Factory are offering 1/2 off cheesecake slices today. Or you can make your own with a recipe from one of  my favorite recipe sites.

When I was in high school, my best friend made this fantastic “Zola’s Chocolate Cheesecake” whose ingredients, as I remember, called for three pounds of cream cheese in addition to heavy cream and a whole lot of sugar. This was the same best friend with whom I spent 13 hours making a crazy complicated Frangelico chocolate ganache layered sponge cake with handmade hazelnut toffee chocolate leaves, but that story, I am afraid, is definitely reserved for another day. Like “National Ridicuoulously Complicated Recipe from He%! Day” .

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